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Welcome to Badger Poker Tournaments-Milwaukee!

Badger Poker Tournaments-Milwaukee Brings to you, The Biggest Poker Freerolls in Wisconsin! You could win cool prizes from local bars, our sponsors, and Badger Poker Tournaments-Milwaukee. Over $10k in cash and prizes awarded every session and now offering a $3,000 prize pool Quarterly Finals Championship!!

Badger Poker Tournaments-Milwaukee are FREE No Limit Hold\'em Poker Tournaments, with sessions lasting three months. Every Sunday through Saturday you have the chance to outplay hundreds of other players for great prizes!

The top point earners will be invited to the finals at the end of the session. This tournament will be comprised of 120 members. They will compete in a $5,000 prize pool Session Finals Championship.

The Session 47 Finals are scheduled for Saturday, February 8th at Cue Club of Wisconsin at 1:00.

Come to our nightly events and enjoy Miller Brewery Specials each evening. Help support Badger Poker by enjoying Miller.

Is your group looking to do a casino night? Contact us to help you plan your party with a Badger Poker Casino Night. With games like poker, craps, black jack, and roulette, and real live dealers we can bring a piece of Las Vegas to any event.

Bring a new person to any of our events and receive an extra $10,000 in chips for bringing them.

Wanna learn to play poker? Or learn to play better? Stop in at one of our events and schedule a poker class. You will be taught by tournament directors, and experienced Badger Poker players.

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The 2013 WSOP Elite

See who has qualified for the 2013 $10,000 annual championship tournament, where the entire final table will be paid. Payouts range from $3800 for 1st down to $200 for 10th !!

The counter below is real-time, meaning it is automatically updated when a new player joins the elite! Just click the number to meet the BadgerPoker elite field.

james trudeau - the 2012/2013 champ and the winner of the $10,000 freeroll held at Cue Club of Wisconsin on 2013-06-15.
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Series 47 Champion


Pts   Wins
2Todd Martin18410
3TheRed BullMan1667
4Greg»\_(ツ)_/» Frank1598
5Mike Stenz1527
6Social Butterfly ☆Amy Lee☆1493
7Cowboy 1487
8Vang Sayaxang1396
9MJ Pokey1204
10Andre Mattison1142

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Monthly Tournament Winners

Previous April 2014
Todd Martin
Christopher Zillmer
Dave Neuleib

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Eliminate Mike Stenz to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at PJ's on Wednesday 2014-04-16, beating a field of 15

Eliminate josh mchenry to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Cue Club of Wisconsin on Wednesday 2014-04-16, beating a field of 14

Eliminate paul dorsey to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Dew Drop Inn on Wednesday 2014-04-16, beating a field of 7

Eliminate Brian Ackerman to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Montecito on Thursday 2014-04-10, beating a field of 8

Eliminate Johnathan Vaughns to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at PJ's on Thursday 2014-04-10, beating a field of 15

Eliminate Andre Mattison to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Vintage on Thursday 2014-04-10, beating a field of 14

Eliminate Todd Martin to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Boneyard Mukwonago on Thursday 2014-04-10, beating a field of 11

Eliminate marcus knox to earn an extra $5,000!
Won at Showtime (Bada Bing) on Thursday 2014-04-10, beating a field of 9

Recent News

Super Saturday 50 inch TV
April 9, 2014

Doing another HUGE Super Saturday at PJ's on April 19th at 5:00! Top 3 take home TV's! 50" for the winner. 40" & 30" for runners-up. Winner can trade prize for Xbox One or PS4. We've also got some gift cards and bottles of alcohol to give away throughout the tournament.

We had 135 players at the last one. If we have even more this time Badger Poker will add another $100 to the prize pool.

All the regular Super Tourney rules are in effect. 20 for 10 tip available. Buy a round re-entry in the first hour. Slower late game blinds. Preregister for a bonus 5k chip.

Location is PJ's at 30th & Lincoln in Milwaukee. Date is Saturday, April 19. Time is 5:00.

Session 48 Finals
April 7, 2014

Session Finals will be Sunday, May 18 at BootZ at 1:00 in order to avoid conflicting with Mother's Day weekend.

Finals weekend will be there third weekend of May, August, November and February from now on to stay consistent in length.

Gas card promo in effect for the final week. $25 card added to prize pool for 20+ players. $50 card for 30+ players. All tourneys that week offer double points.

Entry is strictly limited to top 120 so get those points now!

New Tournaments
March 29, 2014

Couple new tournament venues. We are expanding into East Troy and will be playing Wednesdays at Roma's Restaurant on Hwy ES. Great new venue for all the Mukwonago and surrounding area players.

Also adding a Thursday venue to downtown Waukesha at Montecito Ristorante and Lounge on Broadway. Great food at this place!

Looking forward to seeing a lot of new and old faces at both new venues!

Returning to Sand Bar
March 15, 2014

Badger Poker returns to Sand Bar on Sunday, December 8 at 7:00 as a replacement for the tournament at Rox Bar. We will be there every Sunday at 7:00 playing in the downstairs bar. The winner of our first return tournament there will take home a $50 gas card.

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