Player Profile
  • Occupation:

    Sign Language Interpreter/Massage Therepist

  • Hometown:


  • Neighborhood:

    West Allis

  • When you started playing:

    A few months ago

  • Favorite hand:

    Right Hand, but the left one is alright too :D

  • Least favorite hand:

    Ace 7

  • Best lay down:

    I'm waiting until marriage......

  • Best poker moment:

    Making it to the final winners table for the first time.

  • Superstitions:


  • Pet peeves:

    Arguing & SCREAMING between players & c-o-c-k-i-n-e-s-s & ARROGANCE...poor sportsmanship sucks~ play nice or go home.

  • Favorite Pro player:

    I'm a BIG fan of Jesus Christ :D

Debbie has not earned any trophies yet
Most recent results:
Basic Milestones 1
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 3
First Tourney2011-06-2737Steve's on Bluemound727
First Win2011-09-0538Steve's on Bluemound124
Most Recent Tourney2015-03-1452Cue Club of Wisconsin64
Most Recent Win2011-09-2338Mustang Shelly's121
Debbie's 10 Best Performances 3 | 5 | 6
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 4
2011-09-0538Steve's on Bluemound124
2011-09-2338Mustang Shelly's121
2011-10-0438Steve's on Bluemound224
2011-07-1837Steve's on Bluemound328
2013-06-0745Mustang Shelly's322
2013-11-1947McCarty Park Sports Pub214
2011-08-2938Steve's on Bluemound424
2013-10-1246McCarty Park Sports Pub1260
2011-11-2139Steve's on Bluemound420
2017-06-2160National Pizza Pub & Grille420
10 Largest Tournaments Played by Debbie 3 | 5 | 6
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 4
2015-03-1452Cue Club of Wisconsin64
2013-10-1246McCarty Park Sports Pub1260
2011-06-2837Long Wong's1345
2012-03-0540Steve's on Bluemound939
2017-08-2860Steve's on Bluemound34
2017-08-2660Steve's on Bluemound33
2017-09-0660National Pizza Pub & Grille29
2013-08-1246Steve's on Bluemound28
2011-07-1837Steve's on Bluemound328
All-Time Cash Earnings
1 cash, $ rank: 278 th

$ 5

Playing Style
Attendance Summary
60132017-06-03, 3pm - 2017-10-07, 1pm
5912017-02-18, 2pm - 2017-06-03, 2pm
ALL TIME712011-06-27 - present
Tournaments Played by Location
Location Played
Steve's on Bluemound19
Mustang Shelly's9
Showtime (Bada Bing)6
Playoffs Pub2
McCarty Park Sports Pub2
Long Wong's1
Cue Club of Wisconsin1
BootZ Saloon1
Drunken Duck1
Rox Bar & Grille1
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