Player Profile
  • Occupation:

    Real Estate Appraiser

  • Hometown:

    Menomonee Falls

  • Neighborhood:


  • Power Ranking:


  • When you started playing:

    Gettin there...

  • Favorite hand:

    Any hand I can flop a straight flush with

  • Least favorite hand:


  • Best lay down:

    King-high flush three handed, with only three diamonds on the board. One villian had the suited ace, and the other rivered a straight flush.

  • Best poker moment:

    Being the fourth player all-in post-flop with a set of 7s, and surviving an overpair, straight draw and flush draw for a $1,200 pot.

  • Superstitions:

    Don't ridicule others' poor play - it'll bite you back.

  • Pet peeves:

    Losing big pots

  • Favorite Pro player:

    Jason Mercier

Geoff has not earned any trophies yet
Most recent results:
Basic Milestones 1
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 3
First Tourney2008-10-0425Cue Club of Wisconsin1N/A
First Win2008-10-0425Cue Club of Wisconsin1N/A
Most Recent Tourney2020-02-1867Dobber's (Lannon House)114
Most Recent Win2020-02-1867Dobber's (Lannon House)114
Geoff's 10 Best Performances 3 | 5 | 6
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 4
2019-07-1365Cue Club of Wisconsin175
2017-10-0760National Pizza Pub & Grille267
2010-04-1932Cue Club of Wisconsin131
2010-12-1435Rooters (AMF Bowl Waukesha)130
2017-01-0358Boneyard Sussex125
2010-09-1534Coach House Grill122
2019-10-1566Dobber's (Lannon House)122
2019-11-0967Steve's on Bluemound119
2017-03-0759Dobber's (Lannon House)117
10 Largest Tournaments Played by Geoff 3 | 5 | 6
Date Session Location Rank 2 Field 4
2014-08-1149Cue Club of Wisconsin171
2010-02-2332Long Wong's130
2010-05-1533Cue Club of Wisconsin18105
2011-11-1338Coach House Grill1884
2019-07-1365Cue Club of Wisconsin175
2017-06-0359Cue Club of Wisconsin870
2017-10-0760National Pizza Pub & Grille267
2019-11-0966Steve's on Bluemound63
2010-12-2935Coach House Grill1660
2014-10-2050Cue Club of Wisconsin752
All-Time Cash Earnings
5 cashes, $ rank: 21 st

$ 1,790

Playing Style
Attendance Summary
6772019-11-09, 2pm - present
6682019-07-13, 2pm - 2019-11-09, 1pm
65112019-03-02, 2pm - 2019-07-13, 1pm
ALL TIME3272008-10-04 - present
Tournaments Played by Location
Location Played
Dobber's (Lannon House)61
Coach House Grill53
Cue Club of Wisconsin47
Rooters (AMF Bowl Waukesha)43
Showtime (Bada Bing)16
Lincoln Pub13
Danny's Lounge (Mario's)12
Long Wong's12
Kelly's Bleacher's 211
Boneyard Sussex10
BootZ Saloon3
J Rileys3
Half Time Sports Grille2
Kelly's Bleacher's2
DJ's Goalpost1
Classic Lanes1
National Pizza Pub & Grille1
Center Court (formerly Game Time)1
Johnny Mo's1
Mug-Z's Pub & Grille1
Mustang Shelly's1
McCarty Park Sports Pub1
Sand Bar Sports Pub1
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