6828 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53219
Sunday, 2013-09-22 @ 4 00 PM



$1000 Bonus Tourney - Qualifiers Only
$ 400
2Mike Stenz
$ 300
Others that played but were eliminated (in no particular order):

We did not record everyone that was paid out in this tournament. If you were paid $ for this tournament or know the place you finished, yet you are not listed, please let us know so we can add this information.
Total Cash Prizepool
Milwaukee, WI Session 46

 ZILLZ outlasts 14 at McCarty Park Sports Pub

This is ZILLZ's win #10 this session and #231 all time.
Intended Cash Payouts
Rank Payout
150 %
230 %
320 %

Note that players are free to chop intended payout upon unanimous agreement.
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