Power Rank: Player Results

Below are the tournament results for Ty Webb that qualify for the power rank score:
Date Location Rank Field
2018-07-14Cue Club of Wisconsin460SESSION 62 FINALS! The prize pool is $3,783.Top 120 in the point rankings qualify.
2017-10-07National Pizza Pub & Grille1467SESSION 60 FINAL! YOU WILL BE PLAYING FOR A NICKLE - $3324.PLEASE REGISTER. Players who make the final table are in the money.
2016-10-08Cue Club of Wisconsin1572SESSION 57 FINALS!! Good luck to all! Total prize pool is $3,967.Top 120 point leaders are in the field. The money prizes go to those who make the final table.
2015-01-24Cue Club of Wisconsin866Super Saturday - 55" AND 40" TV's for top 2!
2014-05-18BootZ Saloon970Session 48 Championship - Ready to win it ??
2012-11-10Rox Bar & Grille1392Session 42 Finals
2012-08-12Bitter End1576Session 41 Finals
2012-01-21Danny's Lounge (Mario's)160Super Saturday - 50" plasma for winner - super credits welcome!
2011-08-14Coach House Grill1761Session 37 Finals
2011-05-14Cue Club of Wisconsin274Session 36 Finals
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