Power Rank: Player Results

Below are the tournament results for Master of the Pan flute that qualify for the power rank score:
Date Location Rank Field
2018-07-14Cue Club of Wisconsin760SESSION 62 FINALS! The prize pool is $3,783.Top 120 in the point rankings qualify.
2018-02-17Steve's on Bluemound2184SESSION FINALS! The total prize pool is $3,100.The top 120 players in points this session are qualified to play. Final table is in the money!
2017-02-18Cue Club of Wisconsin2185SESSION FINAL
2016-10-08Cue Club of Wisconsin1972SESSION 57 FINALS!! Good luck to all! Total prize pool is $3,967.Top 120 point leaders are in the field. The money prizes go to those who make the final table.
2016-06-11Cue Club of Wisconsin15682nd Quarter Finals! Those who reach the final table are in the money.Prize pool is $1 for every player in the field at all Session 56 tournaments.
2014-08-17Boneyard Sussex1072Session 49 FinalsTop 120 qualifiers only.
2014-08-11Cue Club of Wisconsin1117110 Year Anniversary - Huge Event/Prizes | DOUBLE POINTS!Great Time. Thank you for a wonderful event! See you in 10 years!
2014-04-19PJ's397Super Saturday - 50" & 40" & 30" TV & more1
2014-02-08Cue Club of Wisconsin2385Session 47 Finals!
2013-08-10Cue Club of Wisconsin286**$5,000 PRIZE POOL TO FINAL TABLE**** SESSION 45 QUARTERLY FINALS**
2013-02-10BootZ Saloon19102Session 43 Finals
2010-03-08Cue Club of Wisconsin1080Super Monday - 40" LCD & more
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