All-Time Power Rank

We all know it takes far more skill to final table a tournament with 100 players than it does with 20 players. This rank takes that fact seriously into consideration, as it computes the overall best league players of all time, measuring skill by frequency of placing in points in large fields.

The filter below can show all time overall power rank, which may include players which haven't played Badger tournaments in a while. The Active option computes the power rank ONLY on players who recorded points in a large field within the last year, therefore classifying them as active Badger players.

For detailed explanation of this power rank, see footnotes.
Rank Player Score1 App2 Last Score3
1Mike Stenz59.07976122492019-07-13
2Mr. Marcus Knox58.15728421382019-11-09
3The suspended 149.29582000152019-11-09
5Mike Boos35.79935652232019-11-09
6Greg Frank34.08055294172019-07-13
7Tim Johnson33.93211579192019-11-09
8Poker Buddha32.17186364222019-07-13
9Geoff Goodlad27.9166666762019-07-13
10Nicole Ponton27.64932353172019-07-13
11Lee Theusch24.66004545112019-03-02
12Davon Reed24.26450000112019-11-09
13Adam Schroepfer21.9686000082019-07-13
14Terrell Banks21.57039231132019-11-09
16Lady "KK" Luck21.14559167122019-07-13
17Uncle Rick20.2921000062019-07-13
18mike bartak19.2921875082019-07-13
19Cathy Windau18.5569500062019-03-02
20Tim Thomas17.2570222292019-11-09
21JJ Johnson15.5865625082019-11-09
22Pete Euper15.4604375082019-03-02
23Laura Haberli15.2856000052019-03-02
24Madeline Laven14.9321888992019-07-13
25Ryan Blackie14.9029285772019-11-09
27josie m zbikowski11.0974000052019-03-02
28Rebecca Medford9.0652200052019-07-13
1 | The score formula is as follows:
with minimum 5 APPEARANCES and minimum FIELD larger than all time average of all supers (computed real time), which currently is 57.0185. Therefore, APPEARANCE is considered placing in points in a field of 57 or more. The reason for minimum 5 appearances is to ensure a +57 field in-point finish was not a lucky accident.

2 | Appearances - this value represents an all-time number of +57 field in-point finishes for that player. You can click on this value to see the tournaments it represents.

3 | The "Last Score" column shows the most recent point finish in a +57 field for that player. If that date is older than 1 year from today, that player's name is taken off of Active Player's POWER RANK. Therefore, you know what to do to keep your name on this list: it's an ongoing effort, make sure you always have an in-point finish in a +57 field within a year from today!
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